RETENTIONedu App for Android Released

retentionedu android

7th August, 2020 - Retention Range is releasing an e-learning Android App that is based on Botswana school's syllabus.

RETENTIONedu application gives students free online access to primary school Execises, Tests, Mock Exams, and Past Papers. The material covers all primary school classes, from pre-school to standard seven. It also covers primary school subjects including Setswana, RME and Social Studies.

This e-Learning mobile app is an urgent must-have to students who are prepaing for PSLE exams.

Visit to download the app.

You can also install the App from Google Play Store.

RETENTIONedu Android App adds yet another access option to these current Desktop platforms:

If you don't have a reliable internet connection, contact Retention Range for an offline version of the app. The offline version gives you full access with no need for internet, SIM Card, mobile network coverage or Air time. The offline App is installed in your Phone / Tablet / Laptop or Desktop for an unfettered access.

Let the students observe the COVID-19 protocols and get ahead with studies at the same time

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