Primary Schools e-Learning Content Summary

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RETENTION Educational computers (RETENTIONedu) are e-Learning Desktops and Laptops that provide learning content based on Botswana's schools syllabus. The material is a combination of visual, audio, interactive practicals and teaching aids. It covers both lower primary and upper primary school subjects.

Summary of Primary Schools e-learning Packages

Counting Number Sequence
Order Numbers
Prime numbers
Even and Odd Numbers
Addition addition (1 digit)
Find Missing Numbers
Match Answer to problem
Fill Addition Table
Columnar addition (Demonstration + Practice)
add, carry
Subtraction Simple subtraction (-) 1 digit
Find Missing Numbers
Choose Plus (+) or (-) Minus to solve
Columnar subtraction (Demonstration + Practice)
Subtract, borrow
Multiplication Multiplication tables
Find the Multiplier
Find the Solution
Find Missing Numbers
Match Answer with Solution
Multiplication table Quiz
Long Multiplication (Demonstration + Practice)
multiply, add, carry
Division Simple Division
Division Table
Find Solution
Find Missing Number
Match problem to answer
Long Division (Demonstration + Practice)
Divide, multiply, subtract, drop number
Balance Weights Convert roman number to arabic
Balance scale in Kg
Balance the scale – add Weights
Problem Solving
Money Money – pay
Money – Give Change
Fractions Learning Fraction (Demonstration)
Fraction Groups
Practical exercises for fractions
Identify Numerator
Defining Fractions
Comparing Fractions
Extending Fractions
Reducing Fractions
Improper Fractions
Mixed Fractions
Adding Fractions
Dividing by numbers
dividing numbers by Fractions
Dividing Fractions by Fractions
Shapes Triangles
How to find Area
How to find Perimeter
Calculating Surface Area
Calculating Volume
Time Analogue Clock
Drag Clock hands to set time
What is the time?
Match digital Clock with Analogue Clock
Digital Clock (AM, PM, 24hrs)
Practice - State time, Set time to hour,
Minutes, Seconds
English word-processing for Kids
Pronunciation Short Words
Learn to write Letters and Numbers
Learn Alphabets – Upper Case letters
Learn Alphabets – Lower Case letters
Sort Alphabets – Upper Case letters
Sort Alphabets – Lower Case letters

Word Building – Animals, People,
Jobs, Sports, Actions, Clothes and

Build Vocabulary – Jumbled words
animals, Clothing, Computers, Currencies,
Fruits, Inventions, Numbers, Objects, People,
Professions, Space, Sports, Transportation,
Vegetables, World Capitals, etc.
Dictionary Words Meaning, Synonyms, Relatives,
Antonyms, Derivatives
Science Body Parts
Water Cycle
Renewable Energy
Introduction to Gravity
Kids experiments
Programming for young children
Agriculture Nature
Domestic Animals and their Sounds
World Animals and their locations
Social Studies Transportation
Draw Continents
Botswana Map
Location of Districts
District Maps
Identify Districts by Capitals
Identify Capitals of Districts
Location of Countries
Identify Countries by Capital
Capitals of Countries
Identify Countries by flags
World Map
World Continents
World Waters
Virtual Globe - Atlas
World Monuments
Art Painting
Label Colours
Color Matching
Color Mixing
Subtractive Colour Mixing
Additive Colour Mixing
Adjust Colour Intensity
Drawing Tools
Music Identify Musical instruments
Learn Musical Instruments sounds
Music by locations
Quiz Creator Creates Flashcard, Multiple Choice and
Question and Answer quizes
Typing Lessons ( 43 lessons)
Hand Positioning
Match Fingers to Keyboard letters
Type Characters
Type Numbers
Measures (Typing speed – characters per Minute,
Words Per Minute, Accuracy)
Finger exercises
Word Typing Exercises (Short Words, Long Words,
Oceans and Contents, Plants, Animals, Elements,
Maths Games Number typing
Addition (1 to 3, 0 to 5, sums to 10, sums to 15,
two digit numbers, Missing Numbers,
Subtraction (0 to 10, 0 to 20, two digit numbers,
Multiplication (0 to 3, 0 to 5, 0 to 7, 0 to 10, 0 to 15)
Multiples of 2 to 15,
Multiplication: Missing Numbers
Division by 2, 3, ….15
Division 1 to 5, 1 to 10, 1 to 12, 1 to 15
Typing negative Numbers
Subtraction: Negative Answers
Adding Negatives to Positives
Adding Positives to Negatives
Subtracting negatives from positives
Subtracting positives from negatives
Adding Negatives to negatives
Subtracting negatives from negatives
Multiplication and division of negatives
Multiplication of positive and negatives
Division of positives and negatives
Other Educational
memory games,
Discover Missing Items
Find escape routes
Find hidden Items
Elements category
Reproduce drawings
Board Games Learn Chess, Checkers, Mohele etc
Syllabus Lower & Upper Primary
All Subjects, ICT
Assessment Tests, Mock Exams & Past Papers
for Preschool, Standard 1 to 7
covering Setswana, Maths, English,
Science, Cultural Studies,
Social Studies and RME
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