Preschools e-Learning Content Summary

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RETENTION Educational computers (RETENTIONedu) for preschool and reception class provide e-Learning content for early child developmnet. The material is a combination of visual, audio, interactive practicals and teaching aids for preschools and reception classes.

Summary of Prechools & Reception Classes e-learning Packages

Mouse Tutor Move Mouse
Click Left
Click Right
Double Click
Drag and Drop
Keyboard Tutor Alphabets Identification
Number Identification
word-processing for Kids
Pronunciation Alphabets and short words sounds
Match sound to alphabet
Match sound to short word
Painting Painting Program for Young Children
Educational pack - Preschool Mouse and Keyboard skills through kids games
Learn Numbers – Numeric
Learn Numbers – Counting
Learn Numbers – Words
Trace alphabets and numbers
memory games
Discover Missing Items
Mix Colours
Find hidden items
Draw numbers
Number Sequence
Order Numbers
Counting with dice
Match items
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